The team at Topcu & Dalan Homes  was incredibly professional, sincere and super effective.

They took all the hassle out of staging, listing, showing the house. I sold several properties in past and never had Realtors showing the same amazing drive as you guys did!

My house sold super quick and way over asking, in large part due to their strong preparation and focus.

It was totally a flawless experience, benefiting from the services of a whole team rather than a single agent.

Paola M. – Toronto


I recently listed a property for sale in the East End of Toronto where Sedat & Beril were representing a buyer couple.

I have to say the manner in which they presented their offer was done quite well. They attached a heart felt letter from their buyers with a beautiful story of why the home connected to them. The letter was the icing on the cake which won over my sellers for sure.

In this business, sometimes its not the best price that wins over the sellers, and I have to say they did a great job winning over my sellers.

I have dealt with thousands of agents in my career and I can say Sedat & Beril are in the Top 10 best agents that I've dealt with, very professional and excellent communication skills.

Sam Kamra – Sales Representative