Helping You Is What We Do!


We strive to help Home Buyers, Sellers and Investors, who are looking to fall in love with their first home, search for a new one, invest in a property or sell their existing home.

Equipped with 60 years of combined experience, a wide range of skillsets and individual networks, we aim to offer the care each client deserves, customized to their needs.

The real estate market has changed dramatically over the years and continues to evolve. No matter if you are a first-time buyer or seller, even a seasoned investor, the guidance of a licensed real estate representative is a must now more than ever. Instead of trying to navigate your way through the real estate jungle by yourself, working with our team could provide you relationships and access to thousands of listings and potential buyers.

Since we are a team of professionals, we are never “busy” or “away” when you need us and there will always be someone available to help you. Moreover, our strategic expert partners are at your service in every dimension of your real estate journey, including, but not limited to bank relations, financial and tax advice, legal, accounting and insurance services.


Financing is a critical need for real estate and a key benefit of real estate ownership is the ability to enhance returns by utilizing leverage. With the strategic direction of our in-house Mortgage Broker, we have been involved in the arranging of strategic financing of real estate acquisitions and the refinancing of properties owned. Services have ranged from working through various real estate financing sources to identify optimal financing alternatives, to negotiation of loan terms and documents through managing the loan closing process.

Instead of working with one bank or lender, and accepting what they have to offer, we have relationships and access to more than 50 lending sources. These include major banks, credit unions, trust companies and private lenders. Through this choice and competition for your business, we are able to secure the right mortgage solution for your current and future needs.



Equipped with a master’s degree in Communication Strategy and over 15 years of international marketing and sales experience, Beril is a client-service savvy and a Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE®), which translates to creating better outcomes for her clients. She focuses on understanding her client’s needs & expectations deeply and appreciates the uniqueness of each relationship.

One major quality sets her apart from the rest in the real estate industry: She always aims to keep a long-term relationship with her clients in order to be able to help them with the various phases in their lives.

As a mother of two young boys and an active participant in her community, she has a very close grasp of various neighbourhoods, schools in their catchment areas, available housing stock and the diverse qualities & culture that comes with each of them.

When she is not working, she becomes an avid contributor to several voluntary activities to help newcomers and neighbourhood schools around Toronto.



Sule brings eighteen years of banking and selling experience in real estate. She commits herself to quality service for her clients to build long lasting, trust-based relationships. She makes sure that home buying or selling process is easy, fun and handled professionally.

Whether the subject is a starter condo, an investment property or a second home, Sule provides the same level of care for all of her buyers, sellers and renters at any stage of their real estate journey.

Highly motivated by her pleased and satisfied clients, she makes it a priority to understand her clients’ interests and goals in order to identify their perfect home or investment. Her business model depends on trust, referral and determination combined with hard work.

Combined with her past experience in interior design, this line of work makes her happy as much as her clients.

Sule loves to spend time with her family and friends, enjoys travelling and baking.



Sedat is a seasoned professional with over twenty years of experience in real estate, banking and mortgages across Canada and Europe. He holds both Real Estate Representative & Mortgage Broker designations under his belt and successfully combines both worlds to make sure that transactions close.

His engineering and banking background enable him to see through numbers. Evidence suggests that buyer/seller behaviour is not always purely rational and that this sometimes leads to people making “poor” decisions. He has witnessed many cases when the more complex and uncertain a decision is, the more emotions can influence that decision. Sedat is always there for you to help detect such moves.

The key to his success comes from his commitment to client satisfaction. Personable by nature, he transforms every transaction to a comfortable and pleasant journey for all parties involved.

An avid listener and enabler with a passion to eliminate obstacles, Sedat excels in making sure that transactions go through and close smoothly.